, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 319-325
Date: 27 Jan 2011

Optimization of Optoelectronic Plasmonic Structures

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We discuss the interplay between surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) and localized shape resonances (LSRs) in a plasmonic structure working as a photo-coupler for a GaAs quantum well photodetector. For a targeted electronic inter-subband transition inside the quantum well, maximum photon absorption is found by compromising two effects: the mode overlapping with incident light and the lifetime of the resonant photons. Under the optimal conditions, the LSR mediates the coupling between the incident light and plasmonic structure while the SPP provides long-lived resonance which is limited ultimately by metal loss. The present work provides insight to the design of plasmonic photo-couplers in semiconductor optoelectronic applications.