, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp 589-603

The philosophy of scientific practice in naturalist thought: Its approaches and problems


It is the continuity between epistemology and empirical science that the naturalism in contemporary philosophy of science emphasizes. After its individual and social dimensions, the philosophy of scientific practice takes a stand on naturalism in order to observe complex scientific activities through practice. However, regarding the naturalism’s problem of normativity, the philosophy of scientific practice today has deconstructed more than it has constructed.


当代科学哲学中的自然主义强调认识论与经验科学之间的连续性, 在个体与社会认知维度之后, 新兴的科学实践哲学也正是站在自然主义者的立场上通过实践透视丰富的科学活动。 而面对自然主义的规范性问题, 目前的科学实践哲学则强于解构而疏于建构。

This study is one of the results of the national socional social science fund project “Studies on Contemporary Trends the Philosophy of Scientific Practice”.
Translated from Ziran bianzhengfa yanjiu 自然辩证法研究 (Studies in Dialectics of Nature), 2008, (5): 26–32