, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 267-281
Date: 29 May 2008

On the political significance of Marx's practical philosophy


In order to deepen the studies on the philosophy of practice, it is essential to explore the political significance of Marx's philosophy of practice. Marx's philosophy of practice is rooted in the problem of modernity and the separation between “individual subjectivity” and “societal community” in the modern context is the basic background of Marx's practical philosophy. It is the basic interest of Marx's philosophy of practice to find a way to end this separation via critique of civil society. Therefore, Marx's philosophy of practice has a clear significance, which manifests in the following aspects: one is “liberation politics,” and the other, “the regulatory mode of the socio-political institution.”


探讨马克思实践哲学的政治意蕴是深化实践哲学研究的一个重要方向。 马克思的实践哲学深植于现代性问题域中, 现代性背景中个人主体性与社会共同体的分裂与冲突构成了其深层的理论背景。 通过市民社会批判, 来寻求克服这一分裂和冲 突的现实道路, 构成了马克思实践哲学的基本课题与深层旨趣。 围绕这一课题, “解放政治” 与 “社会政治制度的规范模式” 构成了马克思实践哲学政治意蕴的两个基本向度。

Translated by Zhang Lin from Zhexue Yanjiu 哲学研究 (Philosophical Research), 2007, (1): 3–10