Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in China

, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 342–347

Simulation of inhomogeneous strain in Ge-Si core-shell nanowires


  • Yuhui He
    • Institute of MicroelectronicsPeking University
  • Yuning Zhao
    • Institute of MicroelectronicsPeking University
  • Chun Fan
    • Computer Center of Peking University
  • Xiaoyan Liu
    • Institute of MicroelectronicsPeking University
    • Institute of MicroelectronicsPeking University
Research Article

DOI: 10.1007/s11460-009-0050-x

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He, Y., Zhao, Y., Fan, C. et al. Front. Electr. Electron. Eng. China (2009) 4: 342. doi:10.1007/s11460-009-0050-x


This paper studies the elastic deformation field in lattice-mismatched Ge-Si core-shell nanowires (NWs). Infinite wires with a cylindrical cross section under the assumption of translational symmetry are considered. The strain distributions are found by minimizing the elastic energy per unit cell using finite element method. This paper finds that the trace of the strain is discontinuous with a simple, almost piecewise variation between core and shell, whereas the individual components of the strain can exhibit complex variations. The simulation results are prerequisite of strained band structure calculation, and pave a way for further investigation of strain effect on the related transport property simulation.


core-shell nanowirestraincontinuum elasticity

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