, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 439-446
Date: 25 Oct 2012

Numerical study of the deformation of saturated soil in the vicinity of a vibrating pile

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The paper presents a dynamic finite-element analysis of the deformation of saturated cohesionless soil in the vicinity of the toe of a vibrating cylindrical pile. The soil behaviour is described by a hypoplastic constitutive model with intergranular strain assuming locally undrained conditions for the pore fluid. Emphasis is placed on the detailed analysis of stresses and displacements in the soil. It is shown that, starting from a homogeneous stress state, the first several cycles of vibration lead to the formation of a permanent liquefaction zone with vanishing effective stresses at a certain distance from the pile. The displacement field reveals an accumulation of residual displacements in the soil in the form of rotation. The influence of the initial stress state, the pore fluid compressibility, the pile displacement amplitude and the soil density on the formation of a liquefaction zone, on the stress amplitude in the soil and on the intensity of the permanent rotation is investigated.