, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 129-137
Date: 31 Jul 2008

Comparison of linear and nonlinear shallow wave water equations applied to tsunami waves over the China Sea

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This paper discusses the applications of linear and nonlinear shallow water wave equations in practical tsunami simulations. We verify which hydrodynamic theory would be most appropriate for different ocean depths. The linear and nonlinear shallow water wave equations in describing tsunami wave propagation are compared for the China Sea. There is a critical zone between 400 and 500 m depth for employing linear and nonlinear models. Furthermore, the bottom frictional term exerts a noticeable influence on the propagation of the nonlinear waves in shallow water. We also apply different models based on these characteristics for forecasting potential seismogenic tsunamis along the Chinese coast. Our results indicate that tsunami waves can be modeled with linear theory with enough accuracy in South China Sea, but the nonlinear terms should not be neglected in the eastern China Sea region.