, Volume 57, Issue 31, pp 3972-3978,
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Date: 10 Jul 2012

In vitro biological effects of magnetic nanoparticles


Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) have great potential for a wide use in various biomedical applications due to their unusual properties. It is critical for many applications that the biological effects of nanoparticles are studied in depth. To date, many disparate results can be found in the literature regarding nanoparticle-biological factors interactions. This review highlights recent developments in this field with particular focuses on in vitro MNPs-cell interactions. The effect of MNPs properties on cellular uptake and cytotoxicity evaluation of MNPs were discussed. Some employed methods are also included. Moreover, nanoparticle-cell interactions are mediated by the presence of proteins absorbed from biological fluids on the nanoparticle. Many questions remain on the effect of nanoparticle surface (in addition to nanoparticle size) on protein adsorption. We review papers related to this point too.

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