, Volume 53, Issue 22, pp 3574-3584
Date: 23 Sep 2008

Constraints on the upper boundary age of the Tiaojishan Formation volcanic rocks in West Liaoning-North Hebei by LA-ICP-MS dating

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In West Liaoning-North Hebei, the Tiaojishan Formation volcanic rocks are developed and many isotopic ages with a very wide age range were obtained in them as well. These different ages have direct influence on confirming and interpreting the related geological issues in West Liaoning-North Hebei and have restricted the study of geological problems related. In the field, the Tiaojishan Formation and the overlying Tuchengzi Formation are in parallel unconformable contact. By systematical sampling and dating of LA-ICP-MS in the Tiaojishan Formation (especially in the upper part) in Luanping, Chengde basins of Northern Hebei Province and in Lingyuan, Jinlingsi-Yangshan basins of Western Liaoning Province, combined with the dating data obtained by previous researchers, results indicate that the upper boundary age of the Tiaojishan Formation is from 156 to 153 Ma, and the lower boundary age of the Tiaojishan Formation is about 165 Ma, the Tiaojishan Formation was formed from the late of middle Jurassic to late Jurassic Epoch.

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