, Volume 52, Issue 4, pp 561-565

Relationship between the Antarctic oscillation in the western North Pacific typhoon frequency

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Relationship between the Antarctic oscillation (AAO) and the western North Pacific typhoon number (WNPTN) in the interannual variability is examined in this research. The WNPTN is correlated with the AAO in June–July–August–September (JJAS) in 1949–1998 at −0.48 for the detrended time series, statistically significant at 99% level. The tropical atmospheric circulation as well as the sea surface temperature variability over the western Pacific associated with AAO has been analyzed. It follows that a positive phase of JJAS AAO corresponds to the larger magnitude of the vertical zonal wind shear, the anomalous low-lever anti-cyclonic circulation and anomalous high-level cyclonic circulation, and lower sea surface temperature in the major typhoon genesis region in the western North Pacific, thus providing unfavorable environment for the typhoon genesis, and vice versa.

Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 40631005 and 40620130113), and CAS International Partnership Project