, Volume 56, Issue 12, pp 1-13
Date: 03 Dec 2013

Harvesting light with transformation optics

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Transformation optics (TO) is a new tool for controlling electromagnetic fields. In the context of metamaterial technology, it provides a direct link between a desired electromagnetic (EM) phenomenon and the material response required for its occurrence. Recently, this powerful framework has been successfully exploited to study surface plasmon assisted phenomena such as light harvesting. Here, we review the general strategy based on TO to design plasmonic devices capable of harvesting light over a broadband spectrum and achieving considerable field confinement and enhancement. The methodology starts with two-dimensional (2D) cases, such as 2D metal edges, crescent-shaped cylinders, nanowire dimers, and rough metal surfaces, and is well extended to fully-fledged three-dimensional (3D) situations. The largely analytic approach gives physical insights into the processes involved and suggests a way forward to study a wide variety of plasmonic nanostructures.