, Volume 49, Issue 6, pp 702-730

A software architecture centric engineering approach for Internetware

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As a new software paradigm evolved by the Internet, Internetware brings many challenges for the traditional software development methods and techniques. Though architecture-based component composition (ABC) approach is originated in the traditional software paradigm, it supports the engineering of Internetware effectively due to its philosophy, rationales and mechanisms. ABC has three major contributions to the engineering of Internetware in detail. First, the feature oriented domain modeling method can structure the “disordered” “software entities” to “ordered Internetware” bottom-up in the problem space. Second, the architecture centric design and analysis method can support the development of self-adaptive Internetware. Third, the component operating platform is a reflective and self-adaptive middleware that not only provides Internetware with a powerful and flexible runtime infrastructure but also enables the self-adaptation of the structure and individual entities of Internetware.