, Volume 55, Issue 3, pp 735-742
Date: 28 Dec 2011

Cross-lenticular lens array for full parallax 3-D display with crosstalk reduction

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As a 3-D display technology, stereoscopic imaging with lenticular lens sheet can only offer viewers the horizontal parallax. To reconstruct the 3-D image with parallax in both horizontal and vertical directions, the full parallax technique with micro-lens array was proposed. But due to the fabrication constraints and cost concerns of the micro-lens array, application of the full parallax technique is restricted in practice. In this paper we revisited the lenticular sheet method and cross-lenticular lens array formed by two lenticular sheets overlapped orthogonally. By analyzing the optical properties of this cross-lenticular lens array, we found that it has reasonable imaging qualities as a conventional micro-lens array. Besides, due to the poor optical property of the outskirt area of the cross-lenticular lens, the cross-lenticular lens array has better crosstalk suppression capability than the conventional one. Based on the analysis, in this paper, we used the proposed lens array to reconstruct a 3-D image and verified its practicability. The cross-lenticular lens array was found feasible to take the full parallax technique into commercial applications, with comparable advantages in terms of low-cost and easy fabrication over a large area.