, Volume 54, Issue 5, pp 1095-1106
Date: 30 Mar 2011

On the optimization problem of model-based monitoring

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Today there is a big interest in reducing the maintenance costs and in increasing the reliability of machines in continuous operation. Therefore, maintenance on condition is used. State-of-the-art is a trend analysis and a fault prediction made only based on sensor signals and stochastic methods. The identification possibilities of this technique are limited. A new concept for model-based monitoring has been developed for more detailed fault identification. The developed concept determines the condition of a machine after the occurrence of a fault. The concept is based on a simulation including various faults and an optimization tool. The development of a cost function and the optimization is one of the challenges of such a concept. Using an AMB rotor system with an auxiliary bearing, the new concept of model-based monitoring is investigated using experiments and the optimization is discussed in this paper.