, Volume 52, Issue 9, pp 2758-2761
Date: 05 Aug 2009

Improved GaN grown on Si(111) substrate using ammonia flow modulation on SiN x mask layer by MOCVD

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In this paper, 1 μm n-GaN was grown by using varied and fixed ammonia flow (NH3) on SiN x mask layer on Si(111) substrate using metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). In-situ optical reflectivity traces of GaN growth show that the three- to two-dimensional process has been prolonged by using varied ammonia flow on SiN x mask layer method compared with that grown by fixing ammonia flow. Structural and optical properties were characterized by high-resolution X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence, and compared with the sample grown by fixing ammonia flow, GaN grown using the varied ammonia flow on SiNx mask layer showed better structure and optical quality. It was assumed that the low NH3 flow in the initial growth stage considerably increased the GaN island density on the nano-porous SiN x layer by enhancing vertical growth. Lateral growth was significantly favored by high NH3 flow in the subsequent step. As a result, the improved crystal and optical quality was achieved utilizing NH3 flow modulation for GaN buffer growth on Si(111) substrate.