, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 1-12
Date: 02 Feb 2011

Gathering in threads in the insensible global world: the wicked problem of globalisation and science education

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I pulled a loose thread,

I gather you in,

Discovered I could …

Insensible, Mandalay (1998)

This volume of CSSE brings to a close the three edition special series on globalisation and science education spread out over the past several years. Beginning in 2008 with Volume 3, Number 1, the intention of the series was to help address the paucity of science education scholarship that investigated globalisation, that meta-narrative and practice of our times, in which science education is embedded. The first volume focussed on “why and how the notion of identity can be helpful in tracing the trajectories of people teaching and learning science” (Lee and Roth 2008 p.14) and the second produced last year (Volume 5, Number 2) worked the theme of globalisation as “authors explored ways in which individual teachers, students, and their communities were experiencing the affects of globalization on science education within differing local contexts” (Martin 2010 p. 264). The collection makes an interest ...