, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 52-57

Prevalence of Major Life Events Among Patients and Community Dwellers

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Life events have been shown to be associated with health and illness.


We studied the number of life events experienced by hip fracture patients, nonfracture rheumatology patients, and community-dwelling asymptomatic residents in the year before interview. Fifty-four hip fracture patients, 63 ambulatory patients, and 115 community-dwelling residents participated in the study. All were older than 65 years. Descriptive statistics and nonparametric analyses were performed.


The number of events reported in the previous 12months was higher for hipfracture patients than for community participants (p = 0.02). At least one bereavement was reported by 32% of hipfracture patients, 27% of ambulatory patients, and 26% of community dwellers (p = 0.8). Ten percent of all respondents reported experiencing more than one bereavement.


This has important consequences when considering the care of these patients and the mental distress they may be experiencing, especially in the aftermath of local disasters or trauma. Medications may not always be the best treatment, and better psychosocial assessments and delivery systems are needed.

None of the authors have any financial interests involved in this work