, Volume 30, Issue 1, pp 84-85
Date: 08 Nov 2011

Inconsistent coroner interpretations of cardiac death in the presence of cannabis in urine

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Dear Editor,

In Ireland, the Coroners Act 1962 is still in place and coroners are relatively autonomous. Coroners may be medical practitioners or lawyers. The Coroners Bill 2007 was never passed into law but did include the office of Chief Coroner whose job entails the provision of leadership and direction in all coronial matters.

In England and Wales, the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 introduced a system of checks and balances with a Chief Coroner who must be a lawyer backed by Medical Examiners. The National Medical Examiner must issue guidance to District Medical Examiners to insure that they carry out their functions in an effective manner.

Northern Ireland still operates with the Coroners Act (Northern Ireland) 1959.

Scottish Law is based in large part on Roman law, and death investigations are carried out by the local public prosecutor called the Procurator Fiscal.

In the era of continuing professional development and accreditation of professional standards and procedures, coroner’s l ...