, Volume 67, Issue 3, pp 590-598
Date: 16 Nov 2012

New cholestane glycosides and sterols from the underground parts of Chamaelirium luteum and their cytotoxic activity

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Six new cholestane glycosides (1, 5, 6, 10, 12, and 13) and two new sterols (9 and 11), along with five known compounds (24, 7, and 8), were isolated from the underground parts of Chamaelirium luteum (Liliaceae). The structures of these new compounds were determined by spectroscopic analysis and the results of hydrolytic cleavage. The isolated compounds and aglycones were evaluated for their cytotoxic activity against HL-60 human leukemia cells. Compounds 6a, 10a, 12a, 13, and 13a were cytotoxic to HL-60 cells, with IC50 values of 12.8, 9.8, 15.3, 6.2, and 10.2 µM, respectively.