Journal of Natural Medicines

, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp 205-207

A new ceramide from Ramaria botrytis (Pers.) Ricken

  • Yasunori YaoitaAffiliated withTohoku Pharmaceutical University
  • , Yuu SatohAffiliated withTohoku Pharmaceutical University
  • , Masao KikuchiAffiliated withTohoku Pharmaceutical University Email author 

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A new ceramide, (2S,2′R,3R,4E,8E)-N-2′-hydroxyoctadecanoyl-2-amino-9-methyl-4,8-heptadecadiene-1,3-diol (1), was isolated together with four known sterols, 5α,6α-epoxy-3β-hydroxy-(22E)-ergosta-8(14),22-dien-7-one (2), ergosterol peroxide (3), cerevisterol (4) and 9α-hydroxycerevisterol (5), from the fruiting bodies of Ramaria botrytis (Pers.) Ricken (Ramariaceae). The structure of the new compound was elucidated based on spectral data.


Ramaria botrytis Ramariaceae Fruiting body Ceramide