Founder nativity, founding team formation, and firm performance in the U.S. high-tech sector


DOI: 10.1007/s11365-011-0188-x

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Hart, D.M. Int Entrep Manag J (2014) 10: 1. doi:10.1007/s11365-011-0188-x


This paper is motivated by the movement of foreign-born entrepreneurs out of ethnic enclaves and into the mainstream, globally-connected economies of the countries of immigration, and from necessity to opportunity entrepreneurship. The theoretical contribution of the paper is to integrate the emerging literature on foreign-born entrepreneurship with work on the composition and impact of founding teams. Empirically, we draw on original quantitative and qualitative data on the U.S. high-tech sector. We find that homophily drives team formation and that nationality diversity in founding teams has a modest impact on firm performance.


Entrepreneurship Foreign-born United States High-technology Founding teams 

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