, Volume 50, Issue 4, pp 449-461

Assessment of Non-Adiabatic Behaviour in Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of Small Scale Components

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The classical thermoelastic equation and the generalized heat conduction equation are developed to deal with a non-adiabatic response in thermoelastic stress analysis. A FE simulation procedure is set up to solve the heat conduction equation over a range of loading frequencies. A small disc (20 mm diameter) loaded under three-point diametric compression is used to examine the effect of in-plane heat conduction. As the disc has regions of zero, moderate and high stress gradients it is an ideal component for this analysis. A regime is developed that provides a basis for an assessment of the nature of the response and allows a minimum loading frequency to be identified so that adiabatic behaviour is obtained. This validity of this approach is demonstrated on steel disc of 20 mm diameter. A special loading device has been designed to obtain the three-point loading and a recently introduced Instron Electropuls test machine is used to achieve the high levels of cyclic loading required for the adiabatic conditions.