Experimental Mechanics

, 48:381

Overview of Identification Methods of Mechanical Parameters Based on Full-field Measurements


  • Stéphane Avril
    • Laboratoire de Mécanique des SolidesEcole Polytechnique
  • Anne-Sophie Bretelle
    • CMGDEcole des Mines d’Alès
  • Michel Grédiac
    • LAMIUniversité Blaise Pascal
  • François Hild
    • LMTENS Cachan
  • Patrick Ienny
    • CMGDEcole des Mines d’Alès
  • Félix Latourte
    • LMGCUniversité Montpelier II
  • Didier Lemosse
    • LMRINSA Rouen
  • Stéphane Pagano
    • LMGCUniversité Montpelier II
  • Emmanuel Pagnacco
    • LMRINSA Rouen
  • Fabrice Pierron

DOI: 10.1007/s11340-008-9148-y

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Avril, S., Bonnet, M., Bretelle, A. et al. Exp Mech (2008) 48: 381. doi:10.1007/s11340-008-9148-y


This article reviews recently developed methods for constitutive parameter identification based on kinematic full-field measurements, namely the finite element model updating method (FEMU), the constitutive equation gap method (CEGM), the virtual fields method (VFM), the equilibrium gap method (EGM) and the reciprocity gap method (RGM). Their formulation and underlying principles are presented and discussed. These identification techniques are then applied to full-field experimental data obtained on four different experiments, namely (i) a tensile test, (ii) the Brazilian test, (iii) a shear-flexural test, and (iv) a biaxial test. Test (iv) features a non-uniform damage field, and hence non-uniform equivalent elastic properties, while tests (i), (ii) and (iii) deal with the identification of uniform anisotropic elastic properties. Tests (ii), (iii) and (iv) involve non-uniform strain fields in the region of interest.


Kinematic field measurementsIdentificationFinite elementsDigital image correlationInverse problem

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