, Volume 46, Issue 1, pp 105-114

Real-Time Displacement Measurement of a Flexible Bridge Using Digital Image Processing Techniques

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In this study, real-time displacement measurement of bridges was carried out by means of digital image processing techniques. This is innovative, highly cost-effective and easy to implement, and yet maintains the advantages of dynamic measurement and high resolution. First, the measurement point is marked with a target panel of known geometry. A commercial digital video camera with a telescopic lens is installed on a fixed point away from the bridge (e.g., on the coast) or on a pier (abutment), which can be regarded as a fixed point. Then, the video camera takes a motion picture of the target. Meanwhile, the motion of the target is calculated using image processing techniques, which require a texture recognition algorithm, projection of the captured image, and calculation of the actual displacement using target geometry and the number of pixels moved. Field tests were carried out for the verification of the present method. The test results gave sufficient dynamic resolution in amplitude as well as the frequency. Use of this technology for a large suspension bridge is discussed considering the characteristics of such bridges having low natural frequencies within 3 Hz and the maximum displacement of several centimeters.