, Volume 76, Issue 2, pp 306–317

OpenMx: An Open Source Extended Structural Equation Modeling Framework


    • University of Virginia
  • Michael Neale
    • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Hermine Maes
    • University of Chicago, Argonne National Labs
  • Michael Wilde
    • University of Chicago, Argonne National Labs
  • Michael Spiegel
    • University of Virginia
  • Timothy Brick
    • University of Virginia
  • Jeffrey Spies
    • University of Virginia
  • Ryne Estabrook
    • University of Virginia
  • Sarah Kenny
    • University of Chicago, Argonne National Labs
  • Timothy Bates
    • University of Edinburgh
  • Paras Mehta
    • University of Houston
  • John Fox
    • McMaster University

DOI: 10.1007/s11336-010-9200-6

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Boker, S., Neale, M., Maes, H. et al. Psychometrika (2011) 76: 306. doi:10.1007/s11336-010-9200-6


OpenMx is free, full-featured, open source, structural equation modeling (SEM) software. OpenMx runs within the R statistical programming environment on Windows, Mac OS–X, and Linux computers. The rationale for developing OpenMx is discussed along with the philosophy behind the user interface. The OpenMx data structures are introduced—these novel structures define the user interface framework and provide new opportunities for model specification. Two short example scripts for the specification and fitting of a confirmatory factor model are next presented. We end with an abbreviated list of modeling applications available in OpenMx 1.0 and a discussion of directions for future development.


structural equation modelingSEMsoftwareopen sourceOpenMx

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