, Volume 6, Issue 2, p 149
Date: 20 Jul 2010

Purinergic Signalling special issue on “Purinergic Signalling in the Inner Ear”; a commentary by Professor Geoffrey Burnstock, Editor-in-Chief

This special edition—“Purinergic Signalling in the Inner Ear”—assembled under the steerage of Guest Editors Gary Housley and Jonathan Gale, extends the recent series of issues that have highlighted emerging themes of purinergic signalling. This special edition reflects the breadth of understanding of the role of extracellular nucleoside and nucleotide signalling in the cochlea. The inner ear has revealed fascinating processes related to the development and function of hearing and balance with broad relevance to other systems. The ten fully peer-reviewed papers are provided by research leaders who have made sustained contributions to this field and have accepted the invitation to contribute highlights of their current research focus to this special edition.
The issue opens with papers describing the dynamics of ATP release mechanisms and related inter-cellular synchronous communication between the sensory and supporting cells and neurons. These studies resolve connexin hemi-channel media...