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Tree Genetics & Genomes

, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 41-51

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A cherry map from the inter-specific cross Prunus avium ‘Napoleon’ × P. nipponica based on microsatellite, gene-specific and isoenzyme markers

  • J. B. ClarkeAffiliated withEast Malling Research (EMR)
  • , D. J. SargentAffiliated withEast Malling Research (EMR) Email author 
  • , R. I. BoškovićAffiliated withEast Malling Research (EMR)Imperial College at Wye
  • , A. BelajAffiliated withEast Malling Research (EMR)Centro “Alameda del Obispo”, IFAPA
  • , K. R. TobuttAffiliated withEast Malling Research (EMR)

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One hundred and sixty microsatellite (simple sequence repeat (SSR)) and six gene-specific markers revealing 174 loci were scored in 94 seedlings from the inter-specific cross of Prunus avium ‘Napoleon’ × Prunus nipponica accession F1292. The co-segregation data from these markers were used to construct a linkage map for cherry which spanned 680 cM over eight linkage groups with an average marker spacing of 3.9 cM per marker and just six gaps longer than 15 cM. Markers previously mapped in Prunus dulcis ‘Texas’ × Prunus persica ‘Earlygold’ allowed the cherry map to be anchored to the peach × almond map and showed the high level of synteny between the species. Eighty-four loci segregated in P. avium ‘Napoleon’ versus 159 in P. nipponica. The segregations of 32 isoenzyme loci in a subset of 47 seedlings from the progeny were scored, using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and/or isoelectric focusing separation followed by activity staining, and the co-segregation data were analysed along with those for 39 isoenzymes reported previously and for the 174 sequence-tagged site loci plus an additional two SSR loci. The second map incorporates 233 loci and spans 736 cM over eight linkage groups with an average marker spacing of 3.2 cM per marker and just two gaps greater than 15 cM. The microsatellite map will provide a useful tool for cherry breeding and marker-assisted selection and for synteny studies within Prunus; the gene-specific markers and isoenzymes will be useful for comparisons with maps of other rosaceous fruit crops.


Prunus avium Linkage map SSR Isoenzyme Gene-specific marker Synteny