, Volume 29, Issue 2, pp 193-197
Date: 06 Jan 2013

An unusual case of double idiopathic ramus-related Stafne bone cavity

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Stafne’s mandibular cyst, defect, or cavity, are asymptomatic lingual or buccal bone depressions of the lower jaw frequently caused by soft-tissue inclusion. Radiographically, they are usually located in the lingual cortex, between the angle and the first molar area of the mandible, as round or ovoid radiolucencies with thick and corticated borders. Mandibular bone depressions located on the lingual or buccal aspect of the ramus are the rarest locations with very few cases reported in the literature. In this paper, double idiopathic Stafne bone cavities, one located on the buccal and other located on the lingual aspect of the ramus, are reported, with CBCT and MRI findings.

Part of this case was reported as a poster presentation given at Marmara University Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey, 31 August–01 September, 2012.