, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 63-92
Date: 02 Oct 2005

Content Adaptation Architectures Based on Squid Proxy Server

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The overwhelming popularity of Internet and the technology advancements have determined the diffusion of many different Web-enabled devices. In such an heterogeneous client environment, efficient content adaptation and delivery services are becoming a major requirement for the new Internet service infrastructure. In this paper we describe intermediary-based architectures that provide adaptation and delivery of Web content to different user terminals. We present the design of a Squid-based prototype that carries out the adaptation of Web images and combines such a functionality with the caching of multiple versions of the same resource. We also investigate how to provide some form of cooperation among the nodes of the intermediary infrastructure, with the goal to evaluate to what extent the cooperation in discovering, adapting, and delivering Web resources can improve the user-perceived performance.