, Volume 62, Issue 1, pp 201-214
Date: 09 Jun 2010

Cross Layer Secure and Resource-Aware On-Demand Routing Protocol for Hybrid Wireless Mesh Networks

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Secure routing is one of the challenges offered by hybrid wireless mesh networks (WMNs). Researcher are implementing different approaches for mesh routing, but still need more efforts in terms of security, efficiency, deployment and capability with different scenarios and applications. Cross layer secure and resource-aware on demand routing (CSROR) protocol for hybrid WMN is designed to ensure routing security and fulfil different applications specific requirements for multimedia delivery and real-time transmissions. CSROR selects an optimum route on the basis of route security taking in consideration the different cross layer parameters. CSROR is not only resource aware approach but also resilient to different packet dropping attacks. It is evaluated in diverse range of hostile hybrid WMN scenarios.