, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp 179-192
Date: 10 Oct 2008

Fault-Tolerance Data Aggregation for Clustering Wireless Sensor Network

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The hierarchical cluster-based topology is commonly accepted as an optimal structure for sensor network to increase communication scalability, prolong network lifetime, and reduce data redundancy. However, the data privacy and security are challenging the proliferation of clustering wireless sensor network (CWSN) due to its highly constrained resources and violably deployed environments, which make it infeasible to directly apply traditional cryptography and therefore vulnerable to various attacks. This article proposes a scheme that provides efficient privacy-preserving data fusion as well as malicious data tolerance by mining concealed data within groups. And the dynamically organized groups in each cluster improves resilience against large number of node compromise comparing with the existing data aggregation schemes. The simulation results and mathematical comparison show the effectiveness and fitness of our scheme for CWSN in terms of fault tolerance and process efficiency, which costs a little of additional overheads in memory and communication.