, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 353-363
Date: 01 Aug 2007

SHARE: seamless handover architecture for 3G-WLAN roaming environment

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For the transition from 3G communication systems to 4G communication systems, 3G-WLAN interworking systems can be a reference model for 4G communication systems. In this paper, we identify challenging problems in 3G-WLAN interworking systems and propose a loosely coupled architecture called SHARE. In SHARE, each WLAN hotspot access point (AP) is equipped with a 3G radio transmission module to generate radio signals for control channels of 3G networks in addition to a WLAN radio module. Consequently, base stations of the 3G networks share their control channels with hotspot APs. By monitoring these channels, mobile nodes can easily detect available WLAN hotspots without probe delay for handovers.