, Volume 27, Issue 12, pp 2759-2766
Date: 26 Apr 2011

Optimization of media composition and culture conditions for acarbose production by Actinoplanes utahensis ZJB-08196

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Acarbose is a clinically useful drug for the treatment of type II, insulin-independent diabetes as a hypoglycemic agent. An acarbose-overproducing strain ZJB-08196, indentified as Actinoplanes utahensis, was able to produce 4,210 mg l−1 of acarbose at 591 mOsm kg−1 with the optimized conditions at bench scale. Shake flask fermentation showed that maltose, glycerol and monosodium glutamate were supportive for acarbose production; soybean meal had higher bioavailability than corn steep liquor. Moreover, acarbose formation was not parallel with mycelial growth and the pattern of acarbose production by A. utahensis ZJB-08196 was the type of mixed-growth associated.