, Volume 25, Issue 5, pp 909-912
Date: 13 Jan 2009

Direct visualization of bacterial infection process in nematode hosts by an improved immunocytochemical method

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Our previous work on Brevibacillus laterosporus G4 had demonstrated that an extracellular protease BLG4 played a key role as a pathogenic factor in bacterial infection of nematodes. In this study, we developed an improved method for the immunofluorescent localization of protease BLG4 to directly visualize the bacterial infection process in a nematode host and demonstrate the involvement of the protease in penetrating nematode cuticles in vivo. This work supplies a new basic knowledge that elucidates the microbial infection processes in nematodes.

B.Y. Tian and C.R. Ke have contributed equally to this work.