, Volume 23, Issue 3, pp 443-446
Date: 05 Sep 2006

Recombinant production of Penicillium oxalicum PJ3 phytase in Pichia Pastoris

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The 1,332 bp phytase gene of Penicillium oxalicum PJ3 was inserted into the expression vector, pPICZαA and expressed in the methylotrophic yeast, Pichia pastoris as an active, extracellular phytase. The recombinant phytase reached a maximum yield of 12 U/ml of medium at 120 h of cultivation after methanol induction under shake-flask conditions. The enzyme was glycosylated, with a molecular mass of about 62.5 kDa. The Michaelis constant (K m) and maximum reaction rate (V max) for sodium phytate was 0.37 mM and 526.3 U/mg of protein, respectively. The optimal activity occurred at pH 4.5 and 55°C.

Jaecheon Lee and Yunjaie Choi contributed equally to this work.