, Volume 21, Issue 6-7, pp 925-928

Screening the Main Factors Affecting Extraction of the Antimicrobial Substance from Bacillus sp. fmbJ using the Plackett–Burman Method

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The Plackett–Burman screening method was utilized as a tool to evaluate the importance of the selected six factors, including methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol, pH and time, which are relevant to the extraction of the antimicrobial substance produced by Bacillus sp. fmbJ. The main factors that affected the extraction of the antimicrobial substance were determined as methanol (P < 0.0001), ethanol (P < 0.0001), pH (P = 0.0032), and time (P < 0.0001) by using the JMP software. Within the test ranges, methanol, ethanol, and time showed a significant positive relativity to the total extracted amounts respectively; while pH had a significant negative effect. The maximum prediction profile indicated that the total extracted amounts for the antimicrobial substance would reach 50.21 mg/100 ml with 99.64% probability.