, Volume 192, Issue 1-4, pp 337-348
Date: 11 Mar 2008

Enhanced Adsorption of Metal Ions Onto Polyethyleneimine-Impregnated Palm Shell Activated Carbon: Equilibrium Studies

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In this study, palm shell activated carbon was impregnated with polyethyleneimine (PEI) and the effect of impregnation on batch adsorption of Ni2+, Cd2+or Pb2+ as well as the equilibrium behavior of adsorption of metal ions on PEI-impregnated AC were investigated. PEI impregnation evidently increased the single metal adsorption capacities of Ni2+ or Cd2+except for Pb2+, where its adsorption capacities were reduced by 16.67% and 19.55% for initial solution pH of 3 and 5 respectively. This suggested that PEI-impregnated AC could be used for selective separation of Pb2+ ions from other metal ions. The adsorption data of all the metal ions on both virgin and PEI-impregnated AC for both initial solution pH of 3 and 5 generally fitted the Langmuir and Redlich-Peterson isotherms considerably better than the Freundlich isotherm.