, Volume 24, Issue 6, pp 1211-1227
Date: 07 Aug 2009

A Compromise Programming Model to Integrated Urban Water Management

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Integrated urban water management is an important and critical matter in every city and country. Many objectives and criteria such as satisfaction of the urban water consumers, the national benefits and social hazards must be considered in the integrated urban water management. So the integrated urban water management can be considered as a multi-objective problem. In this paper, a mathematical model which uses the compromise programming model is presented to optimize this multi-objective problem. Three famous objectives involving water distribution cost, leakage water and social satisfaction level are considered. To evaluate the performance and efficiency of the proposed model, Hamedan potable water network is chosen as a case study. Results show that the proposed model is capable to present effective solutions for the considered problem. So the proposed mathematical model can be used as an efficient tool for the integrated urban water management in every urban area.