, Volume 79, Issue 2, pp 159-177
Date: 11 Dec 2007

A Model-Selection Framework for Multibody Structure-and-Motion of Image Sequences

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Given an image sequence of a scene consisting of multiple rigidly moving objects, multi-body structure-and-motion (MSaM) is the task to segment the image feature tracks into the different rigid objects and compute the multiple-view geometry of each object. We present a framework for multibody structure-and-motion based on model selection. In a recover-and-select procedure, a redundant set of hypothetical scene motions is generated. Each subset of this pool of motion candidates is regarded as a possible explanation of the image feature tracks, and the most likely explanation is selected with model selection. The framework is generic and can be used with any parametric camera model, or with a combination of different models. It can deal with sets of correspondences, which change over time, and it is robust to realistic amounts of outliers. The framework is demonstrated for different camera and scene models.
Most of the presented research was carried out while all three authors were at Monash University.