, Volume 64, Issue 2-3, pp 107-123

On Space-Time Interest Points

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Local image features or interest points provide compact and abstract representations of patterns in an image. In this paper, we extend the notion of spatial interest points into the spatio-temporal domain and show how the resulting features often reflect interesting events that can be used for a compact representation of video data as well as for interpretation of spatio-temporal events.

To detect spatio-temporal events, we build on the idea of the Harris and Förstner interest point operators and detect local structures in space-time where the image values have significant local variations in both space and time. We estimate the spatio-temporal extents of the detected events by maximizing a normalized spatio-temporal Laplacian operator over spatial and temporal scales. To represent the detected events, we then compute local, spatio-temporal, scale-invariant N-jets and classify each event with respect to its jet descriptor. For the problem of human motion analysis, we illustrate how a video representation in terms of local space-time features allows for detection of walking people in scenes with occlusions and dynamic cluttered backgrounds.

First online version published in June, 2005