, Volume 42, Issue 2, pp 325-330
Date: 05 Aug 2009

Evaluation of routine application of P504S, 34βE12 and p63 immunostaining on 250 prostate needle biopsy specimens

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We aimed to determine whether a standard P504S, 34βE12 and p63 immunostaining of prostate core needle biopsy specimens can optimize diagnostic accuracy of conventional staining methods.

Materials and methods

The staining properties of all three antibodies were evaluated on 250 prostate biopsies formerly diagnosed as benign.


Lack of basal cell staining in more than three glands for 34βE12 and p63 occurred in 41 (27.5%) and 9 (6%) respective cases from the General Hospital pool. Respective figures from the Uropathology department specimens were 18 (18%) for 34βE12 and 8 (8%) for p63. With the aid of P504S positivity, a case of prostate cancer as well as another of atypical small acinar proliferation was discovered.


Despite its potential for important aid in accurate diagnosis, standard application of immunohistochemistry in prostate biopsy is not justified and should be reserved for equivocal cases where conventional pathology fails to be conclusive.