, Volume 41, Issue 3, pp 553-557
Date: 08 Nov 2008

A distinctive translocation carcinoma of the kidney [“rosette-like forming,” t(6;11), HMB45-positive renal tumor]

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Recently, a novel renal carcinoma with specific clinical and histological characteristics and translocation t(6;11)(p21.1;q12 or q13) has been identified. We have found 11 cases in the literature, and we are adding another 3 cases.

Materials and methods

Three cases were found in the Plzeň pathological register with approximately 15,000 cases of kidney tumors. There were two females and 1 male, aged 22, 24, and 39 years.


The sizes of the tumors were 40, 136, and 10 mm. Two tumors were found incidentally; the biggest one was self-palpated by a 24-year-old pregnant patient. Patients are without any signs of disease 42, 20, and 17 months after surgery.


This tumor is a distinctive and rare translocation carcinoma of the kidney [t(6;11), HMB45 positive]. All cases with known clinical data arose in younger people. The malignant potential is probably low.

The work was supported by Czech government research project MSM 0021620819.