, Volume 40, Issue 4, pp 1115-1116
Date: 20 Sep 2008

Aliskiren: a rapidly, expanding role in the management of recalcitrant hypertension and renal disease

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Dear Editor

I read with great interest the recent article by Siamopoulos and Kalaitzidis [1]. The authors have provided an excellent review of the inhibition of the renin-angiotensin system and chronic kidney disease and a brief description of the rapidly emerging role of the renin inhibitor, aliskiren. Interestingly, the beneficial effects of aliskiren can be seen in diseases ranging from diabetic nephropathy to congestive heart failure.

For instance, Parving et al. have shown that aliskiren, when administered to patients with diabetic nephropathy, has nephro-protective effects that are independent of its anti-hypertensive effects [2]. They showed that patients with diabetic nephropathy who were given aliskiren in addition to losartan had an almost 20% decline in the urinary albumin to creatinine ratio in comparison to patients who received placebo with losartan. In addition, aliskiren administration in healthy humans is associated with a greater and more sustained increase in renal pl ...