, Volume 40, Issue 6, pp 463-467
Date: 15 Dec 2007

Comparative efficacy of diminazene diaceturate and diminazene aceturate for the treatment of babesiosis in horses

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The present work was conducted to study the comparative efficacy of two anti-protozoan (babesicidal) drugs on the recovery and health of horses. A total of 80 horses, showing typical clinical symptoms of the disease, were selected for this study; the presence of babesiosis was confirmed through blood smear examination. These animals were divided into two groups i.e. A and B. Horses of Group A, were treated with diminazene diaceturate, while horses of Group B were treated with diminazene aceturate. Efficacy of the drugs was determined by the reversal of clinical signs and a negative blood smear examination. The efficacy of diminazene diaceturate was demonstrated to be 80% while diminazene aceturate was found to have 90% efficacy against babesiosis.