, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp 135-136
Date: 10 Nov 2012

Powers of the Mind: Contemporary Questions and Ancient Answers

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In a recent and inspiring article titled “Ancient Philosophy for the Twenty-First century”

Julia Annas, “Ancient Philosophy for the Twenty-First century” in Leiter, B. (ed.) The Future for Philosophy, 2006. Oxford University Press.

Julia Annas remarks that one of the most important changes undergone by the discipline of ancient philosophy in the twentieth century was “to join the mainstream of analytical philosophy”. She writes:

Taking ancient philosophy up into the mainstream of analytical philosophy was a tremendous catalyst … It also made philosophers who had assumed that history of philosophy was just history of ideas realize that, to take one example, Aristotle’s subtle and difficult account of the soul could provide real philosophical illumination in the context of modern philosophy of mind, and was worth serious, uncondescending discussion. (2004: 28)

The present volume contributes to the study of ancient theories of perception and cognition along the direction Annas describes.

Thanks are due to the European Research Council for funding the research that led to the preparation of this volume.