, Volume 53, Issue 11-12, pp 746-754
Date: 02 Apr 2010

Calcium Containing Silicate Mixed Oxide-Based Heterogeneous Catalysts for Biodiesel Production

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A series of calcium containing silicate mixed oxide materials has been developed for biodiesel production. It has been shown that these materials can catalyze transesterification reactions from feedstocks with various fatty acid contents. However, their reaction kinetics for biodiesel synthesis was very slow compared to that of homogeneous-catalyst-catalyzed reactions. Herein, we report fast-reacting solid catalysts for biodiesel production. Two types of materials have been developed: a non-porous and an anionic-surfactant-templated catalysts. Compared to previously reported transesterification reaction by mesoporous calcium containing silicate catalysts, the reaction rates from both families were much faster. In addition, both the preparation time of catalysts and the cost of preparation were significantly reduced. Details in material synthesis and its effect on catalysis are discussed.