, Volume 40, Issue 1-4, pp 123-131

Nano-structuring of solid oxide fuel cells cathodes

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Different approaches are proposed for increasing the overall performance of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) by promoting the nano-structuring of perovskitic cathode layers. The formation of pore systems in the nanometer scale will make available a larger surface area (three-phase-boundary) for the electrocatalytic processes occurring on the air electrode. Two different concepts can be pursued for this purpose: (i) synthesis of thermally-stable mesoporous particles and ulterior deposition of them as macroporous films using coating techniques such as screen printing; and (ii) production of nano-structured films of regularly-arranged nano-sized particles of electrocatalytic materials over the dense electrolyte. The first progresses in the synthesis of nano-structured LSFC cathode layers following the first approach are depicted as well as their electrochemical characterization when using them as SOFC cathodes assembled on complete anode-supported (Ni-YSZ/YSZ) fuel cells.