, Volume 36, Issue 7, pp 685-690
Date: 05 Aug 2011

Catalytic activity of a zirconium(IV) Schiff base complex in facile and highly efficient synthesis of indole derivatives

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Eight Schiff base compounds were prepared by condensation of 1-amino-2-propanol with different benzaldehydes in water. One of the Schiff bases, (z)-N-bezylidene-2-hydroxypropane-1-amine (HL1), was used as a bidentate ligand for preparation of a zirconium complex (Zr(L1)2Cl2). The complex has been used as a catalyst for efficient synthesis of wide variety of indole derivatives in EtOH under mild conditions. The turnover number and reusability of the catalyst indicate that it has high efficiency and is fairly stable under the reaction conditions.