, Volume 92, Issue 2, pp 473-493
Date: 30 Nov 2011

Pore-Scale Modeling of Viscous Flow and Induced Forces in Dense Sphere Packings

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We propose a method for effectively upscaling incompressible viscous flow in large random polydispersed sphere packings: the emphasis of this method is on the determination of the forces applied on the solid particles by the fluid. Pore bodies and their connections are defined locally through a regular Delaunay triangulation of the packings. Viscous flow equations are upscaled at the pore level, and approximated with a finite volume numerical scheme. We compare numerical simulations of the proposed method to detailed finite element simulations of the Stokes equations for assemblies of 8–200 spheres. A good agreement is found both in terms of forces exerted on the solid particles and effective permeability coefficients.