Transport in Porous Media

, Volume 70, Issue 3, pp 407-425

First online:

Free convection from one thermal and solute source in a confined porous medium

  • Fu-Yun ZhaoAffiliated withCollege of Civil Engineering, Hunan University Changsha
  • , Di LiuAffiliated withCollege of Civil Engineering, Hunan University Changsha
  • , Guang-Fa TangAffiliated withCollege of Civil Engineering, Hunan University Changsha Email author 

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This paper reports a numerical study of double diffusive natural convection in a vertical porous enclosure with localized heating and salting from one side. The physical model for the momentum conservation equation makes use of the Darcy equation, and the set of coupled equations is solved using the finite-volume methodology together with the deferred central difference scheme. An extensive series of numerical simulations is conducted in the range of −10 ⩽ N ⩽ + 10, 0 ⩽ R t ⩽ 200, 10−2Le ⩽ 200, and 0.125 ⩽ L ⩽ 0.875, where N, R t , Le, and L are the buoyancy ratio, Darcy-modified thermal Rayleigh number, Lewis number, and the segment location. Streamlines, heatlines, masslines, isotherms, and iso-concentrations are produced for several segment locations to illustrate the flow structure transition from solutal-dominated opposing to thermal dominated and solutal-dominated aiding flows, respectively. The segment location combining with thermal Rayleigh number and Lewis number is found to influence the buoyancy ratio at which flow transition and flow reversal occurs. The computed average Nusselt and Sherwood numbers provide guidance for locating the heating and salting segment.


Free convection Porous medium Numerical solution Heatlines Discrete source