, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp 436-474
Date: 10 Nov 2012

Multiprocessor scheduling by reduction to uniprocessor: an original optimal approach

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Optimal multiprocessor real-time schedulers incur significant overhead for preemptions and migrations. We present RUN, an efficient scheduler that reduces the multiprocessor problem to a series of uniprocessor problems. RUN significantly outperforms existing optimal algorithms with an upper bound of O(logm) average preemptions per job on m processors (fewer than 3 per job in all of our simulated task sets) and reduces to Partitioned EDF whenever a proper partitioning is found.

A preliminary version of this work has been published in the Proceedings of the 32nd IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, 2011, pages 104–115 (Regnier, Lima, Massa, Levin and Brandt 2011) held in Vienna, Austria. It received the Best Paper Award.